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Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement - Point Botanicals - Natural Supplement
Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement - Point Botanicals - Natural Supplement
Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement - Point Botanicals - Natural Supplement
Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement - Point Botanicals - Natural Supplement
Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement - Point Botanicals - Natural Supplement

Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement

$60.00 Regular price $90.00

You're Not Fat, You're Allergic

Naturally remove chemicals that increase fat.

Avoid toxic build-up with Brocclean: A Genetic Detox Supplement. This unique formula contains a blend of antioxidants and nutrients to support your body's natural detoxification process. In fact, studies have shown that regular use of our supplement can reduce your exposure to toxins by up to 80%. Take charge of your health with Copy of Brocclean.

1,000's Of Chemecals "Obesogens" Are Disrupting Our Cells

Discover the power of genetic detoxification with Brocclean. Our supplement is designed to target each issue caused by chemicals, providing a comprehensive solution to aid in your overall health. With our expert formulation and use of genetic components, you'll have a precise and effective way to combat harmful chemicals in your body. Say hello to a healthier you with Copy of Brocclean.

Sulforaphane Activates 250 Detox Genes

Boost your body's detoxification process with Brocclean. Our supplement contains sulforaphane, which activates over 250 detox genes. Experience the benefits of a cleaner, healthier body. Made with scientifically proven ingredients for optimal results. Say goodbye to toxins and hello to a revitalized you.

The Only Sulforaphane Brand That Grows Its Own Ingredients

Our product is made with 100% plant-derived ingredients, ensuring pure and effective detoxification. With our proprietary genetic formula, Brocclean is clinically proven to effectively eliminate toxins from your body. Trust the science behind Brocclean for a truly beneficial detox experience.

  • Anna lost 20 pounds in 20 weeks
  • Steven lost 15 pounds in 20 weeks.
  • Arash lost 10 pounds in 20 weeks.
  • Gregg lost 12 pounds in 20 weeks.

See Results In 30 Days

100% Money Back Guarantee

Analyzed In Over 3,000 Studies!

Brocclean: The Genetic Detox Supplement

$60.00 Regular price $90.00
About The Product

Can I Take Too Much?

Yes. You'll feel stomach discomfort if you take 5-10x the normal dose. Please keep these supplements out of reach of children.

Do They Interfere With Medication

Yes. Please speak with your doctor so they are aware and ensure you are monitoring your biomarkers if you under chemotherapy.

How Often Should I Take Them?

Daily. The affects are long lasting, but we do not know when they wear off. To ensure full coverage, please take daily.

What Makes These So Special?


About The Molecule


Our sulforaphane is naturally produced just from mixing a radish and broccoli powder into cold fruit juice.


Currently, we are producing over 7.5 mg of real sulforaphane per 1/2 teaspoon.


Our products use whole-plant material for the added benefits they provide.

About The Company

Grown, Not Made

Point Botanicals uses new precision agricultural equipment to grow molecules using plants as little chemical factories. This results in a cleaner, safer, and more effective product with less risk.

UNCC Partner

We grow all of our own ingredients out of a lab at the University of North Carolina, adhering to GMP best practices as approved by the FDA.

3rd Party Validated

Every batch is tested for microbiological contaminants and our process has been validated against the presence of hundreds of solvents and pesticides. We ensure every pouch is safe and most importantly- biologically active.

How It Works


Only 30% of the population has the enzyme needed to turn the molecule found in broccoli into the powerful molecule called sulforaphane. That's why we include that enzyme in our product: to ensure the most real sulforphane production possible.

Just mix into cold fruit juice to activate!

Why It Works

Gene Activator

Sulforaphane tricks the body into safely activating over 70 defensive genes. It's these genes that do all the work, and do it for a couple days.

Just take it daily for maximum results!

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