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We're Not Fat, We're Poisoned

We're Not Fat, We're Poisoned - Point Botanicals

The industrial revolution brought about great changes, sweeping the landscape with its metal and smog. Although we look back with a mix of gratitude and romance, the echos of that transition have reverberated into a crescendo that stands to quell our future.

We seem to think that the pollution it caused was something left behind at the turn of the century, that we the people have cleaned up the acts of wild and unregulated industrial expansion- perhaps citing the financialization of our economy as proof. The shadows of that revolution still hang over our heads, unfortunately, making life as a modern American quite difficult.

With every new convenience in our modern world, every overnight delivery, every quick meal, every trinket and toy, we are in fact furthering a damage that is so profound that it cannot be over stated: we are creating an apoclyptic world for our cells.

Although few are discussing it, the volume and variety of "endocrine disrupting chemicals" (EDC's) in our modern environment is spiraling out of control. Many scientists will not say it, for the evidence is not within 1 standard deviation, but the picture is clear for those who dig: we are not sick, we're poisoned. The worst part is, we're doing it to ourselves.

If you begin to ask, "why are we all so fat in America," you'll get a lot of jeers. No one wants to hear that word because we've been shamed into thinking it's our fault, that we are simply lazy or dumb- or worse, ignorant. The truth is far sadder: the chemicals in our food, air, water, clothes, toys, makeup, hair care products, cars, buildings, electronics, pipes, bottles, almost everything require molecules that are known as "obesogens."

The word obesogen is something I wish I didn't learn, and the truth is that I only learned it just recently. As I dive deeper into the realm of endocrine disrupting chemicals, I find myself constantly amazed- in horror- that we are truly surrounding ourselves with chemicals that not only cause obesity. Not only, do they cause it, they are so effective that they're used to expedite it in scientific studies.

When researchers want to say, test a medication on fatty liver, they'll use mice to mimic such an environment. To run their tests however, they need well, fatty livers. They could wait and wait for such a condition to form by feeding mice a high fat diet, or they can get it done faster with what's called "BPA-induced obesity." A truly horrible term.

You know Bysphonal-A, it's that little molecule that has found it's way into every nook and cranny of your life. Most often referred to as BPA, it's a chemical used to make plastics. And although the FDA says it's not dangerous, they did issue a ban of its use in baby pouches. It's so often used that the world produced 11 billion pounds of it in 2022.

What happens though, when BPA enters your body? Say when it's leached from the cheap and sun worn plastic water bottles that so many Americans rely on for clean drinking water? It is a tale that will turn your knuckles white. BPA is a well known obesogen and endocrine disrupting chemical, it shorts circuits the growth cycle of your fat cells so well that the littles amount can induce obesity.

Fat cells are so important for daily life that your body always seeks to maintain some as a store of longterm energy. Within them are molecules like lipids and cholesterol, both critical for maintaining key organs and storing energy over long periods of time. But when BPA gets in the mix, your body just can't seem to stop growing its fat cells- and those molecules they uniquely create.

When a mouse is given BPA (the equivalent to .00006 pounds a day) with a high fat diet (often of corn oil), the mice get was is so commonly referred to in the scientific world as "BPA-induced obesity." What happens in their bodies is far more disturbing than it sounds. When coupled with the fact that BPA is just one of 1,000 registered chemicals for commerce that are known obesogens, the story gets rather grim, rather fast.

BPA induces a state in the body where most of the calories we eat are forcibly stored in fat cells, causing them to become engorged and multiply rapidly to provide enough storage for all the calories coming in. However, the body still needs a great deal of calories to manage the repairs of its trillions of cells. With too much energy being put into long term storage and not enough available for daily use, the body tells the brain to eat more, and more, and more. It just can't get satiated as it just can't get enough usable energy.

Imagine a situation where a banking error causes 90% of your every paycheck to be stored into longterm investment funds. While you still have to pay bills from your checking account. You'd most likely have to earn a great deal more to put enough into that checking account to pay all your bills. The good news is that you'll have a great deal of money socked away for a rainy day, but you'll most likely go into debt as you try and maintain all of your bills in good standing.

This is why when people travel to countries with less EDC's (endocrine disrupting chemicals) and less high fat ingredients, they see a rapid loss in weight. It's why the inverse is also true and why many Europeans come to the US only gain weight or develop gut issues. This is why diet and exercise don't work for so many: they are either more allergic to EDC's or are exposed to more of them. This is why obesity runs rampant in many poor neighborhoods. This is why GLP 1 drugs are working so well, they interrupt this process, but in the worse possible way.

When you look at the celebrities in the US, those with millions of dollars of disposable incomes, personal chefs, multiple doctors, personal trainers, whose weight in so many cases dictate their financial success, they have given up and started taking drugs. There's simply nothing you can do to maintain a healthy weight in this country because the amount of EDC's is just too great and unavoidable. You have to intervene chemically and block their mechanisms of action. It's the only way to reliably lose weight in the US, a fact that has become clear to so many, causing the weight lost drugs market to reach $50B over night.

This is why we're fat: not because we aren't trying, but because we're poisoned.

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